BrandedTab is the newest product from Adknowledge.

Adknowledge runs media campaigns in the fastest growing, highest volume, most complex areas of digital advertising. This includes video advertising via YouTube and native, mobile app distribution, social advertising, email and audience development.

Adknowledge is trusted by the biggest brands, with over 1,000 active advertisers and the largest Fortune 500 advertisers.

With such well-known and well-loved brands as clients, we wanted a novel way to help users get the content they love in a quick and easy way. With BrandedTab, we provide our clients with not only increased Brand Engagement and dramatically increased Page Views, but also provide a new source of revenue.

Your brand. Your content. Customized delivery.
Your users will see the BrandedTab homepage/new tab page for your brand an average of150 times a month.

BrandedTab's in-house creative team can create an original, engaging layout for your content, or cleanly integrate our "Search the Web" widget into your brand's site. With BrandedTab you have total flexibility to choose what to present to your users.

We recognize how frequently your users will be viewing the homepage/new tab page, and are passionate about ensuring they get a vibrant, engaging experience each time to interact with.

Global Reach
The web is global, and so are we. Adknowledge reaches an audience of more than 1 billion people worldwide. With offices around the globe, our account managers speak 27 languages. We offer digital marketing strategies to brands, agencies, publishers and developers in more than 32 countries.